PLD 48 driver DMX LED


The PIXEL DMX LED driver is a 48-channel device to control RGB LEDs (LED strips, single diodes, modules etc.).
It is a system designed for self assembly, having no outer casing (same pcb board with electronics).

The current loadability of every input is 500mA. Supply from a safe source 12VDC. Ideally suited for assembly of multi-channel matrices of LED pixel – RGB, controlled by the DMX 512 protocol. Drivers polarization enables the connection of LEDs in a common plus system (common anode). Due to a metal housing we can install a controller at places hard to reach. A system of separable screw joints we use facilitates disassembly. Every LED controlled output is secured against an overload. These protections protect not only a controller but as well a LED installation against a damage. In case of overload only this channel is turned off where a defect occurred. With such a defect remedied the driver is back to normal operation. Our device is also provided with an anti-short circuit and surge protection of the DMX512 signal line. The driver is provided with integral testing programs for a quick localization of possible assembly mistakes. A large 9-bit control definition and dimming characteristics adapted to the human eye sensitivity causes the lighting intensity to change in a linear and infinitely variable way. The driver refreshing frequency PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) is 500 Hz.

Safety conditions: The PIXEL DMX LED driver 48 x 500 mA is a device supplied with the 12 VDC safe voltage from a dedicated power supply, however, during its installation and use the following rules must be absolutely observed:
1. The module must be made by an authorized person and according to its instruction.
2. The device can be connected only to a regulated voltage of a loadability according to technical data.
3. The module is designed for internal use. In case it is used outside it must be protected against atmospheric impact.
4. Protect all wires from mechanical and thermal damage.
5. Carry out all repairs with the supply switched off.
6. Do not connect a device to a supply source when its damages are visible.
7. Absolutely protect the PLD 48 against contact with water and other fluids.
8. Avoid sudden shocks especially against a fall.
9. Do not switch the device in spaces of the relative humidity above 90%.
10. Do not use the device in spaces, where the temperature is lower than +2°C or above +40°C.

Technical Specifications:
DMX channels: 512
Power supply: 12 VDC
Power consumption: 24A max.
Number of output channels: 48
Output loadability: Max. 0.5A / channel
Dimensions: 130mm (W) x 130mm (H) x 24mm (D)

The manufacturer reserves itself the right to make changes in the functioning and operation of the device in order to improve the product.

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