Displayer Modus


DISPLAYER is a system of audiovisual multimedia info presentation on plasma and LCD screens, computer screens or projectors. With a central managing system there is a possibility to emitate content on an unlimited number of screens.

Such solution is known in Europe as “Narrowcasting” and “Digital Signage” in the USA. The main rule of the way that it is working is reaching a potential receiver in a right place on a right time.


When we were projecting the DISPLAYER system, we focused on flexibility, functionality and high quality. We matched the system not only for the requirements of the advertisement market, but also for needs of the workplaces, schools and other institutions, where the DISPLAYER system might be useful. Finally we got multiple functions, which you will not find in other, competitive solutions from other brands.

System application

Thanks to the flexible case, DISPLAYER finds usage in many places, where there is a need for information transfer, for example:

– Airports

– Railway stations

– Hotels

– Restaurants

– Pubs

– Schools

– Conference rooms

– Museums