MODUS DMX Audio Player can be used to play music, voice communicates, sound effects, etc. in MP3 and WAV formats. It can play up to 255 files stored in 99 catalogues.

The device is equipped with a stereophonic D-class 2×15 W amplifier that can power lower-ohm speakers or sets with combined resistance no lower than 4 ohms.

Trigger connector allows to connect an external triggering device, e.g. a button, motion detector, reed switch, etc. and activate the device functions with it.

A built-in relay enhances the controller, allowing to activate \ deactivate external devices with maximal load of 5 A and voltage of 24 V, synchronically with the played audio file or independently, using DMX signal.

The device works in three modes:
– DMX mode, where with the use of DMX signal, it is possible to choose a catalogue, track, control volume, start and stop playback, control the galvanically isolated relay and trigger an additional output (EXT. OUT).

– STANDALONE mode, where audio files are automatically played once the power is switched on. It is possible to set the desired volume and relay state.

– MANUAL mode, where audio files are played once TRIGGER output is activated/shorted, e.g. with an external button or motion detector. It is possible to set the desired volume, relay state and playback style.

The device comes in three casing versions:
low-profile casing that can be mounted on a DIN 35 mm rail, a hermetic casing for outdoor use, and as a separate PCB for individual installation (e.g. in an interactive scenery, info kiosk, etc.) The device features reverse polarity protection in input voltage, as well as surge protector.

The device is perfect for using as an interactive exposition guide, communicator, audio player in an interactive scenery, a piece of Digital Signage system, audio effect player in an Escape Room, theme park, part of exhibition pieces, info kiosk, etc. In all situations, where compact dimensions, reliability and quick sound playback triggered with the use of external signal or button are needed.

The device can also be used as:

• time switch triggered with a button or DMX512 signal

• relay output controlled with DMX512 signal

• player for signals with specified frequency, saved from an audio file generator.


09424_DAP_01_03_DATA_SHEET_V2_0 MODUS

09424_DAP_01_03_MANUAL_V2_0 MODUS

Zasilanie - 12-24VDC / minimum 2A
Obsługiwane formaty plików audio MP3 11172-3 i ISO13813-3 layer3, WAV
Częstotliwość próbkowania 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1, 48 kHz
Karta SD max. 32GB, FAT16, FAT32
Wyjście liniowe dla wzmacniacza dodatkowego
Wyjścia głośnikowe wyjścia prawego i lewego kanału o max. mocy ok. 15W, 4 lub 8ohm
Złącze EXT wyjście umożliwiające podświetlenie przycisku wyzwalającego lub w trybie DMX można je traktować jako dodatkowe wyjście sterujące
Złącze TRIGGER wejście uruchamiające odtwarzanie utworów w trybie STANDALONE ( do podłączenia np. przycisku)
DMX512 wejście/wyjście sygnału DMX512
Wyjście Przekaźnikowe NC / NO obciążenie max. 5A / 24V
Urządzenie jest dostępne w trzech wersjach jako płytka PCB bez obudowy, w obudowie DIN/TH/TS 35, w puszce elektrycznej IP 65