MODUS ARS-01 ARTNET RS232 is an ArtNet to RS232 signal converter. It is powered with safe voltage from 12 to 24 VDC. It has an external power input, or it can be supplied with Passive PoE. It is perfect for controlling multimedia devices, such as: video projectors, multimedia players, audio amplifiers and processors, etc. Double RS232 output on DB-9 connector allows convenient connection of 2 devices. Its flat casing with DIN 35 mm rail allows to mount the converter in a standard control cabinet for convenient mounting and ease of keeping your installation in order. The implemented system of standard DB-9M connector for RS232, RJ45 connector for Ethernet and disconnectable screw connector for power input makes installation and future operation easier. MODUS ARS-01 ARTNET RS232 features reverse polarity protection in input voltage, as well as surge protector. They protect not only the converter, but also the controlled device against damages. The converter works in LAN network and is controlled with the popular ArtNet protocol. It is controlled with a dedicated MODUS DevManager firmware, so the whole configuration process can be done remotely through Ethernet network. It is a perfect solution in situations where the device is difficult to access. The converter can control any device with RS232 interface, the configuration firmware has many ready-to-use libraries, and creating your own libraries is easy and intuitive. It is possible to change RS232 transmission parameters (transmission speed, number of data and stop bits, even bit). ArtNet control is possible in two modes: selecting and sending command through one channel, or sending each command through separate channels.

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Ars-01 Art-net na RS232 konwerter

ARS_01_RS232_INTERFACE Manual Modus