ARL-01 ARTNET 8CH RELAY is a module of 8 relays controlled by the ArtNet protocol.
It is powered from safe voltage in the range of 12-24VDC. Has an external power input or can be powered via Passive POE.
It is ideal for switching stage devices as well as in a permanent installation.
Each of the 8 relays can be controlled individually and assigned to any channel within one universe and subuniverse, which gives huge possibilities for configuration and adaptation of the module to installation.
Thanks to the flat housing for a 35mm DIN rail, we can mount the controller in a standard switchboard, which ensures convenient installation and easy maintenance.
The system of standard RJ45 connectors for Ethernet and detachable screw connectors for power input and relays facilitates assembly and subsequent operation.
The device uses protection against reverse polarity of the supply voltage and against overload. They protect not only the relay module but also the controlled device against damage.
The module works in a LAN and is controlled by the popular ArtNet protocol.
Works with dedicated MODUS DevManager software, so all configuration is done remotely via Ethernet. It is ideal if the device is installed in hard to reach places.
The device has non-potential relay outputs, which ensures galvanic separation of the module from the attached device – this ensures safety and reliability of the installation. The module can switch on devices with a maximum current consumption of 1A and a voltage of 125V.

Has the ability to configure individually for each output:
– NO / NC contact type (combined / disconnectable)
– assigning each relay output to any channel within one universe and subuniverse

– the value level from which the activation occurs
– remote output test (possibility of switching the output on and off at the configuration stage)
– setting the default output status
– user description for each output

Technical specifications
– Outputs: 8x relay output
RJ45 (Ethernet, ArtNet)
Power input
– Power supply: 12-24V DC, 200mA
Passive PoE or power connector
– Fastening: DIN / TH / TS 35 rail
– Dimensions: 90/31/104 mm
– Configuration using DevManager software – to download in the FILES tab

The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the operation and use of the device, aimed at improving the product.


Art-Net™ Designed by and Copyright Artistic Licence Holdings Ltd

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